Zodiac is without a doubt the most famous inflatable. Every Zodiac guarantees quality, product innovation and an unforgettable sailing experience! From a compact tender to the luxurious RIBS within the Medline program; you can contact us for any type of Zodiac!

The Zodiac inflatable boats are known worldwide and Zodiac is known as the inventor of the inflatable boat. It is therefore not surprising that people often call a dinghy a Zodiac. The name Zodiac is synonymous with dinghy. Yet there is indeed an essential difference in the different brands of inflatable boats. Most of us still know Zodiac Nederland and Nautica Sport on the Boeierspad in Amsterdam. Here Zodiac is big and made famous in the Netherlands. We have been working with the Zodiac brand for over 35 years and know the brand like no other. From the first Zodiac Cadet dinghies with wooden deck parts in red or orange, the first Zodiac RIB, the PRO System models to the current new beautiful RIBS; the Medline models; we have tested every model ourselves and you will find a very large range in our showroom.

In our online shop you will find a selection of Zodiac inflatable boats. The larger models can be found in our showroom.